Cabbage Patch Kids

Xavier Robert in 1978 first produced the exceptionally warm plush babies. Xavier, an American art student, was an art enthusiast and successfully copyrighted his soft doll sculpture work in the U.S. The idea behind the cabbage patch kids was similar to human adoption. This made the patch kids referred as little people as a reflection of the adoption elements.

At the time of initial production, Xavier wanted to promote his art work. People interested in the plush babies would have to sign adoption certificate which tagged along with each doll. This secured the patch kids a special place in the heart of their new parents. Each one had Xavier trademark giving them the originality and establishing a sense of connection with the original owner.

The little people pals dominated the 80s and were loved nearly equally as the real babies. Their attractiveness and the human like looks surpassed many parent’s imagination of a doll. They were and still the best gift to your little prince and princess. In fact, their relevance and approval have grown leaps and bounds making then dominate the list of highly valued gifts for loved ones. If you are looking for a gift for your child then this is the perfect one to get.

The people’s pals as they are popularly referred come in different sizes. This is based on the length of the plush babies. There are cabbage patch kids for the newborn. These usually come in small sizes just like infants. They are also the most affordable category of plush babies. A majority of these unique toys are in the range of 9-14 inches with the 14-inched dolls in the so real category. So real plush babies class is the most expensive due to their hard to distinguish human features.

Cabbage Patch babies are highly affordable. Their prices range from $9 – $120 making them easy to adopt depending on individual preference. Just like human beings, these patch kids do have elements of ethnicity. There are African-American plush babies and white just to mention a few. Therefore, every customer or the “adoptive parent” will have the unlimited freedom to adopt patch kids which align with their feelings, personality as can be depicted by their appearance and can as well make ethnic consideration to sum the purchase experience. Also, there are adoptimals, and farm cuties plush babies for those who wish to have more of these dolls in either animal or farm looks.

Today, these unique kids crafted by Xavier Roberts are sold both at the physical toys stores and online stores. Despite the commercialization of Xavier’s artwork, the original idea of adopting these plush babies have not stopped. They dolls still comes with special adoption papers and it is important to check on the original Xavier Robert trademark as this is the only way to get the real feeling and satisfaction of owning any of the plush babies. One of the amazing things nowadays is that you can change the name of your yet to be adopted cabbage patch kids by making a special request to the store before purchase or with online stores, you can place your special order after making your selection.

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